Rafting & Kayaking

Turquoise waters and landscape


ANDhe Puelo River extends for 120 km within which there are sections of rapids and sections of calm waters and all offer an incomparable view.


Rafting and kayaking El Porton.

This section goes from Puerto Urrutia to Santo Domingo, approximately 2.5 hours downhill with class 3 and 4 rapids through a very beautiful canyon.


Rafting and kayaking Footbridge – Puerto Urrutia.

This is a float suitable for everyone with the best views of Valle del Puelo, it lasts approximately 2 hours with class 1 and 2 rapids, a great family trip.


Kayak the Canyon.

This is the strongest rapid section of the Puelo River. It goes from the mouth of Lago Inferior to La Pasarela. Only for high level kayakers. Class 5 rapids.


Cross-country kayak Lago Azul.

This trip invites you to explore the blue lake paddling a kayak through its crystalline waters and surrounded by its mountain ranges.