• Rivers, lakes and lagoons.

Fishing in the Puelo River is world famous. With 120 km of river they make it one of the favorite destinations in northern Patagonia. In addition to this river there are more than 10 lakes and lagoons and 3 large tributaries as well as very good fishing. Depending on your length of stay and the desire you have to move, we offer you different programs.

– Puelo River, Catwalk section – Puerto Urrutia
This is one of the most common sections with very good fishing. This can be done in a jet boat or down the river in a foolproof kayak or raft.

– Rio Puelo section El Portón – Santo Domingo
This is the least fished section of the river since its access is very difficult due to strong rapids. Because of this the fishing in this section is very good. This section is fished down the river on a raft with an expert guide.

– Rio Puelo, Lago Inferior sector and mouth.
We will transport you from Puerto Urrutia to the Segundo Corral sector where a local guide will take you in a motor boat fishing through this section.

– Ventisquero River (2 days)
To go up the valley of the Ventisquero River you must do it on horseback. After riding for more than 7 hours, you arrive deep in the valley to the place where you stay near the confluence of the Ventisquero and Universo rivers with very good fishing. The next day go down the river fishing all day to Puerto Urrutia. This is done in inflatable kayaks that are transported on horses.

– Lago Azul, Blanco, Las Rocas and Totoral
Fishing in these lakes will depend on the weather. Fishing is good in the spring and fall.